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Application outline and cancellation policy

1.Choose the course.
*Please refer to the tour map of each course on the website.
*Please book in advance online from the application form below.

*Reservation is a must.

*Take the time to process the immigration and customs into consideration before you book.


2.Log in from the website form.Complete the blanks and submit.

(You’ll get the response.)

3.After your payment, proceed to the payment form.

(Your reservation is not completed until your payment is accepted.)

4.Complete your credit card information and submit.

5.You’ll receive the confirmation of your reservation.

(You’ll need this confirmation on the date of the tour.)

【Reservation confirmed】

6.Please come to the Tourist Information and Service counter at Centrair or Tokoname Tourist Information center at Tokoname station and show it to them.

Please show us the confirmation.

Cancellation Policy


・The reservation is subject to being cancelled in the event the payment is not confirmed.

・After the payment, if you want to cancel the tour, you can make a cancellation order by paying the cancellation fee.

・Cancellation 5 or more days prior, the tour fee minus the service charge will be refunded.


Refer to the chart below

From the date of the tour Cancellation fee
6 days prior to the tour No charge
5 days prior to the tour 30% of the tour fee
4 days prior to the tour 50 % of the tour fee
3 days~ the date of the tour 100 % of the tour fee
No show or cancellation after the tour Being. 100 % of the tour fee

・Any change in the tour selection is subject to a cancellation fee.

・Any late arrivals will be accommodated for up to one hour by shortening the portions of the tour.

・The calculation of the cancellation fee is based on the local Japan time.

・Click below if you have any questions.


【In case of delay due to bad weather, aircraft maintenance etc.】

Delayed flight Submit the certificate at the Tourist Information and Service counter.
It is fully refundable in Japanese yen after they confirm.
Cancelled flight Contact us from below.
Fully refundable
Complete the form on the website to get your full refund.
Deadline: Within 30 days from the date of cancelled flight
Not acceptable afterwards.

*Tour is to be cancelled if the flight is delayed or cancelled.(TC17-02)

*Refer to the Japanese version in case it is not correctly translated.


Online payment only

Credit card


TC17-02 Japanese yen only and pay there.
*Credit card is not acceptable.